Monthly Archives: August 2017

Board Member Spotlight: James Meara

This month to show appreciation of our Board of Directors, we’re focusing our spotlight on board member, James Meara. James is involved with Thorntons Inc. and oversees the membership committee at the Friends of the Waterfront. We appreciate everything James does for Friends of the Waterfront! Get to know a little bit more about him below…. Read more »

Dogs of the Waterfront: Meet Jenna

Friends of the Waterfront is back with a new installation in our Dogs of the Waterfront blog series. After being inspired by Humans of New York, we’re now featuring different dogs who are often found enjoying Louisville’s Waterfront Park. Name: Jenna Lyons a.k.a. “Jenna” Breed: Sprollie, (Springer Spaniel/Border Collie) Age: 6 Jenna is new to Louisville but… Read more »

Flock of Finns: The Story Behind Waterfront Park’s Colorful Birds

Flock of Finns

You’ve seen them before. The colorful, abstract bird sculptures scattered throughout Waterfront Park seem as though they’ve always been a part of the landscape. Public art installments such as the Flock of Finns have a way of blending into their surroundings, while still bringing that extra touch of joy into the everyday. In 2001, Mayor… Read more »

Friends of the Waterfront’s 26th Annual Silver Anchor Awards Reception to be held September 14, 2017 on the Belle of Louisville

Friends of the Waterfront, a Louisville, KY non-profit organization, is excited to announce that the 26th Annual Silver Anchor Awards Reception will take place Thursday, September 14, 2017 on the Belle of Louisville. At this year’s event, Friends of the Waterfront will honor two award recipients for their continued and outstanding support of Waterfront Park: Matt Thornton, CEO… Read more »