About Us

Values and Guiding Principles

  • Our organization is community based. We form active and mutually beneficial relationships with other community groups. We act as a clearing house for information about waterfront related activities and programs.
  • Our organization is supported by a vibrant and active membership base.
  • Our organization has strong educational roots and wishes to provide information about the river and the waterfront to the community.
  • Our organization has close ties with the Waterfront Development Corporation (“WDC”) and is an active supporter of their efforts. We coordinate our efforts with the WDC staff and Board of Directors.

Our History and Relationships with the WDC

The Friends of the Waterfront began its existence as the Marketing and Community Involvement Committee of the WDC Board. In November 1988, this committee was “spun-off” from the WDC and Friends was founded. In 1991, Friends incorporated as a separate nonprofit organization and applied for and received tax exempt status.

We continue to have a close relationship with the WDC, including the following:

  • Representatives of WDC staff are ex-officio members of our Board.
  • The President of Friends is an ex-officio member of the WDC Board.
  • The WDC staff assists with our administrative needs.
  • We generally meet in the WDC offices.
  • We are invited to WDC events.

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