Board Member Spotlight: Jacob Mercier

Friends of the Waterfront is back with another Board Member Spotlight blog post! We’re focusing our spotlight this month on board member, Jacob Mercier. Jacob works in the Louisville, KY real estate market and also finds time to act as President of the Friends of the Waterfront board. As President, he works with others who volunteer their time and efforts to benefit Waterfront Park. We greatly appreciate what Jacob does for Friends of the Waterfront and invite you to learn more about him in our newest board member spotlight feature below.

board memberWhere are you from? And how did you end up in Louisville, KY?

I am originally from Nicholasville, KY and grew up there on a small farm way out in the country. Like, way out. I moved to Louisville for undergrad. After exclusively looking at small liberal art colleges for three years, I decided to attend the University of Louisville after a 45-minute campus tour that my Aunt forced me to take late in my senior year. Best decision ever. Go Cards! 

Tell us about your career and how you got where you are today.

Phew, I’m going to need more space! Here’s the short version. Before my current real estate career with ReMax, I was in the non-profit and higher education fields for nearly 9 years. While working for a federal grant program at a community college, I took a free real estate course and loved it. Over the next year or so, I took several more and got my real estate license. Two weeks later, I bumped into a college friend at dinner who was looking for someone to develop a real estate sales department for their management company. The next day, I met him for coffee and eight years later, here I am. A real estate broker in Kentucky and Indiana.

What got you involved with Friends of the Waterfront?

I love being near the water and love the energy of downtown in a small town or big city. When I moved to Louisville, Waterfront Park had just opened and I was in awe. It was my favorite place to be. I found my way down to David Karem’s office one afternoon which was in this cool, but funny, looking building and asked him how I could help Waterfront Park. He put me in touch with Nicole Walton, who was President at Friends of the Waterfront at the time. A few years later, when I missed a board meeting, I was elected President-Elect. The moral of the story: “don’t miss a meeting!”

What is your board member role with Friends of the Waterfront?

I am honored to be the President of this incredibly inspiring group who volunteer their time and effort to improving Louisville’s waterfront. On our board, we are lucky to have business owners and entrepreneurs, public servants, designers, artists, attorneys, musicians, educators, and more. It’s an eclectic group of super talented and extremely interesting folks.

What other causes are you passionate about?


What do you do around town for fun?

There is so much good food in this town and I love trying out new places. I also love live music, festivals, hiking, biking, running, and exploring. Travelling is my most favorite thing to do, but I am also so happy that I always get to come home to Louisville.

What are your favorite events in Louisville, KY?

Just to name a few: The Moth, Forecastle Festival, The Palace Theater’s various summer movie series, CONNECT at Bernheim, WFPK’s Waterfront Wednesdays, Derby Week, Thunder Over Louisville, Light Up Louisville, and Ironman. (To clarify, I enjoy Ironman as a spectator, not a participant.)