Dogs of the Waterfront: Meet Trudie

Friends of the Waterfront is back with a new installation in our Dogs of the Waterfront blog series. After being inspired by Humans of New York, we’re now featuring different dogs who are often found enjoying Louisville’s Waterfront Park.

Name: Trudie

Age: 3 Years

Trudie is a super love-able beagle mix who found her forever home and was adopted about two years ago thanks to a wonderful dog-loving and dog-saving friend.  

Who is your best friend? 

 I would have to say that my “Fox” is my best friend. I always keep it in my mouth for safekeeping while I’m running around.

What’s your favorite thing to do at Waterfront Park?

I love to EXPLORE! The Great Lawn is my favorite place in the whole park.

What are your other hobbies?

I enjoy running, chasing other things that run, dreaming about running and even hiking! However, I love just sitting with dad in the mornings because it usually includes things like naps, belly rubs, and beggin’ strips!

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