Dogs of the Waterfront: Meet Yarie

Friends of the Waterfront is back with a new installation in our Dogs of the Waterfront blog series. After being inspired by Humans of New York, we’re now featuring different dogs who are often found enjoying Louisville’s Waterfront Park.

Name: Yarie

Age: 20 Weeks

Yarie is known for being laid back and chill. She loves snuggling and is currently training to become a service dog. Her weekend trainers are Alice and Jerry Gob.  

Who is your best friend? 

 Tigger the cat is my pal! We like to play all day long.

What’s your favorite thing to do at Waterfront Park?

I love to stretch my legs on the lawn at Waterfront Park and bask in the sun. My very favorite thing to sniff out are the daffodils! 

Do you have any nicknames?

The inmates that train me at the Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women call me Princess Yarie because I’m always acting like I am holding court.

What’s your favorite snack?

While many pups prefer dog biscuits, I like ice cubes! In fact, every time I hear the ice maker, I come barreling towards it. After playing outside, who can resist such a cooling treat?! They literally melt in your mouth (or sometimes on the ground).

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