Believe it or not, Louisville’s Waterfront Park was once a giant metal scrap yard — an unsightly area that deterred people from coming downtown and enjoying our waterfront. Today of course, the scene is quite different. After nearly 30 years in the making, our city and state boast Louisville’s Waterfront Park as one of the premier parks in the nation.

Waterfront Park is a gathering place, an event space, and a beautifully manicured anchor for our community. THe park spans nearly 85 acres along the Southern coast of the Ohio River and is home to over 150 events each year — events like Waterfront Yoga, the Forecastle Music Festival, and the Louisville Waterfront Fourth of July. Its impact on our city and state economies is immense, annually generating an estimated $40 Million. Further, it draws visitors from a wide range of demographics and socio-economic backgrounds — nearly 2.2 Million of them each year.

What many don’t realize is that Waterfront Park is an independently operated and maintained public park. That means that it does not fall under the government operated Metro Parks system. And in fact, only 40% of Waterfront Park’s operating budget is funded through government dollars. That leaves a lot of ground to cover in regards to securing additional funding so that the beauty and impact of the park continues for future generations.

Because the future of the park depends greatly on your generosity and support, Friends of the Waterfront asks that you consider a donation in support of Louisville’s Waterfront Park.

There are two ways to offer your support — either as an Individual Sponsor or as a Sponsoring Business. We humbly ask for you to consider at which level you and/or your affiliated company might be able to contribute to the ongoing operation and management of the Park. Donations and sponsorships received will got directly towards supporting the events and maintenance of the Park, and please note that Friends of the Waterfront is a 502 (c)3 organization.

For more information, questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Friends of the Waterfront at any time.